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31 July 2011 @ 02:28 pm
Wedday's important announcement + New band!  
Mako announced that he'd have an important announcement today, and luckily it's not a bad one!

I have an announcement.

I, Ayame Kokujuuji Mako, will be continuing from September 1st with Wedday.


I will simultaneously be a member of the band 「Secret Sign」 which officially begins on 2011.09.01.

I've experienced many session bands, but apart from Wedday, in my 11 years of musical activity, this will be my first time being officially part of another band.

Thanks to everyone, Wedday has already reached 2 years and 5 months as just one person, and more and more I've reached the age where I want to do as much as I like (laugh)

When I set out to meet activity on my own,

「There's a lot I can do alone」


「There's a lot I can't do alone」

were my thoughts.

Therefore, I thought

In the former, Wedday,

And in the latter, Secret Sign,

I want to flap my wings!

Every year, a miracle arises in me on 9.01.

Please come to bathe in these two miracles☆ I'll also release a new CD on this day!

I ask that you keep supporting me!

I definitely want to hear you say 「I like both☆彡」

2011.08.01 Ayame Kokujuuji Mako

Source: http://wedday.web.fc2.com/801.html

Secret Sign has a website, located here, but for now everything is secret except the live schedule. I can, however, tell you that Katagily (ex-Latzel GateZ) has ALSO announced he will be a member of Secret Sign! If any more musicians come forward and announce it, I'll be sure to update.
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